Saturday, February 5, 2011

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More hated than loved?

Why the world should be worried about the crisis in Egypt

Many people do not understand the crisis that is on hand in Egypt so I decided to inform those who don't already know why it is important to successfully transition the Egyptian government from a dictatorship to a democratic republic. The main issue at hand is the control of the Suez canal, pictured here -

Now you may be wondering what the big deal of a canal is and that's where the trade issue comes in. This canal connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean making it much quicker for goods from the Arabian peninsula (OIL!) and Asia to make it to Europe and the Americas. If an Islamic regime were to take control of power in Egypt then their hatred for these countries would cause them to disallow trade from Asia and the Arabian peninsula to reach America and Europe which means prices would escalate drastically due to the much longer trip.

What are your opinions on Egypt?

We all know what is going on and if it doesn't stop soon I am betting there will be disaster.

This is pretty cool.

I'm starting to enjoy blogger so I might start posting on here more often and create more useful posts. Maybe.


Quite aggravated with UPS at the moment because of their tendency to deliver slowly for high prices. USPS is the way to go.


What's a good and easy meal to make at home for a bachelor? I'm tired of having fast food every other day.